Executive Summary

  • Overview
  • I. Ecosystem: Summary & Key Findings
  • II. Demographics: Summary & Key Findings
  • III. Practitioner Experiences: Summary & Key Findings
  • IV. Visions & Values: Summary & Key Findings
  • V. Stories of Success & Failure: Summary & Key Findings
  • Conclusions & Key Recommendations
  • Summary of Research Outputs


I. Ecosystem

  • Definitions & Framing
  • Understanding the Current Ecosystem

II. Demographics

  • Demographics of the Field
  • Demographics of Study Participants

III. Practitioner Experiences

  • Pathways/Education/Career
  • Support & Opportunity (Personal/Organizational
  • Barriers (Personal/Organizational)

IV. Visions & Values

  • Values & Principles
  • Threats to Practitioners’ Values and Vision
  • Threats to the Field, Communities, and Practitioners

V. Stories of Success & Failture

  • Models that work
  • Models that don’t work
  • Community Accountability
  • Evaluation&Success

Conclusions & Key Recommendations

  • Nothing About Us, Without Us: Adopt Co-Design Methods and Concrete Community Accountability Mechanisms
  • From Silver Bullets to Useful Tools: Change the Narrative, Lead with Values, Recognize Multiple Frames and Terms Across the Ecosystem
  • #RealDiversityNumbers: Adopt proven strategies for diversity and inclusion
  • Developers, Developers, Developers? Recognize Different Roles and Expertise in Tech Work, and Support Alternative Pathways to Participation
  • Coops, Collectives, and Networks, Oh My! Support Alternative Models Beyond Startups, Government Offices, and Nonprofits



  • Methodology
  • Anonymity & Data Protection Policy
  • Additional Research Outputs